Totally different service from a real estate company we used in Japan!

We came to Manhattan with my wife and our child on April.  Since this area is an owner’s market, it was very hard to find a home.  However Saito-san sincerely and promptly responded to our requests which were changed from daily and showed us many homes. 

Also, Saito-san gave us a lot of information about American business customs, credit systems, life-style and the area. Your knowledge and experience let us start our new life smoothly and comfortably.

The service apartment and advanced temporary payment service made me think Redac is the No.1 Japanese real estate company.  Thanks to you, we were able to move in without having any concerns.  Since everything went through very smoothly, we depended on you.  

Your service was totally different from a real estate company we used in Japan.  Your service is more than a real estate company.  I will recommend your service to my friends who plan to move to the U.S.  Can I tell them you can totally depend on them?

I believe that it is hard to continue your business in such a tough market.  Please take care of yourself. 

(Mr. U /Student at Columbia University