REDAC’s event changed my expat life in New York!

To all REDAC staff, thank you for having the "Lady's Redacama Party" in New York.

I moved to New York for work, and when I arrived I was worried that I was not going to have anybody to causally talk about my life and work.  I believe that being the only woman in the office made the situation made more difficult.

Last October, I was invited to attend the only women "Lady's Redacama Party" where I could meet women who were working in New York for the first time.  They were all about the same age as me with the same common worries that women have.  I made some new friends at the party and I also was able to get helpful information while having a good time talking with them.   I'm now having fun with them going shopping and going out to eat, visiting museums, and going to musicals during the weekends.

I had a trip to Grand Canyon and Antelope with some people I had become friends with at the party.  I also joined another Japanese' company party.  However, I wasn't able to make any friends there because they weren't under the same situation as I, like I was in the Lady's Redacama Party.

Thank you so much for making this wonderful opportunity! I'm going to enjoy my working life in New York with my new friends.

Thank you so much!

(Ms. M / Manufacturing industry )